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Buying a new house is a major deal. Many times your clients will be looking to you for the complete solution. This includes changing or adding homeowner’s insurance. Be the complete consultant by partnering with Miller Agency Allstate to have your go-to licensed Insurance agent available at all times. We can help you close more deals and provide the best coverage for your client’s specific needs. A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.



As a realtor, you, yourself are a business. We find many realtors do not have a Business Owner Policy in place for themselves. If you do not have a BOP (business owner policy) then you are exposed to many risks. When showing a house, homeowner’s insurance will not cover the possibility of accidents, i.e., slip and falls, injuries, etc. You are conducting a business in that house, therefore, liability protection for yourself is crucial. Let’s connect with an insurance review to see how we can help protect the business you are building.