About us.

As a leading provider of employee benefits, we're committed to delivering superior products and services with cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer service and compassionate claims administration. With over 40,000 groups in force and insuring more than three million employees we have the solution for your employees. The value of supplemental insurance is measured during a time of need — an accident, a disabling injury, illness or death. Benefits provides the right employee benefits — accident, critical illness, cancer, disability, vision and dental — that are customizable with various levels of coverage. Everyone should have the option of quality, affordable insurance from a company they trust. That's our stand.

  • We are the #1 accident plan in the USA!

  • Companies only need a minimum of 3 employees to be signed up for our supplemental benefits.

  • Current customers: FedEX, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, Caterpillar, UPS.

Why us?

We offer a robust portfolio of supplemental insurance plans for your employees, with group rates that are only available through employers like you. Our coverage helps give your employees financial peace of mind when they need it most. Premiums are employee-paid; there’s no effect on your bottom line. Supplemental employee benefits help you recruit and retain top talent and help you become a choice employer.

  • No cost to the company to have this program. Great for retention and recruitment!

  • We have the lowest cost to the employee $2.51/week average per employee vs our competitor of about $7/week.

  • We have the highest payouts. 3x more per payout vs. our competitors!



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