Apartment Complexes & Rental Homes

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We have established partnerships with both apartment complexes and property management groups. We have found paths that help these partners satisfy their customer needs. This starts by working with us on a marketing plan which includes adding us in your rental application and a spot on your website. Your renters then can visually see that renter’s insurance is mandatory as well as offers you peace of mind with a qualified partner to handle this for you.  



Managing a renter’s insurance process is a headache for you. Allow us to do what we do best, managing insurance! You will not have to worry that renters are working with an unfamiliar company or a discreditable agency. You will have contentment knowing they are insured with a trusted brand such as Allstate. In addition, we will confirm with you at any time that the renter is compliant with an active renter’s insurance policy. As you know, many renters will buy renters insurance then quickly cancel just to get in the door. Keep your renters compliant with Miller Agency Allstate.



If you are a property management group, you will want to add value to the owners of the homes you are managing. Let them know you now have a partner with Miller Agency Allstate to provide them with trusted Landlord insurance. This will protect both property and liability for your homeowners. You will be pleasantly surprised the reaction homeowners give once informing them of your partnership with us which offers them Landlord insurance.


Contact us today so we can develop a plan on how to best server your renters and/or homeowners with the protection they need and the compliance you require.